Weekend in Blahsville

Some weekends are just better than others, and this last one was all over the map. Aside from dealing with a massive breakout of acne, which just started my descent into self-consciousness, Friday night began with John sending me a text asking what I was up to. It has been a few weeks since I spoke to John last, which made this out-of-the-blue message a bit suspect. What motive might he have, aside from the obvious? Turns out it was the obvious: he was coming down to Salt Lake and needed a place to crash. I offered my room for the night, which was probably not the brightest thing I could have done. Still, he’s a friend and I didn’t want him to have to rent a motel room.

He wanted to meet up at TryAngles, so after much persuasion, I agreed. I would have preferred just to hide away in my room all weekend, away from the eyes of people. But I was wanting to drink, so I went after saying good night to Erin. I met John there, sat at the bar and just drank beer most of the night. As fate would have it, Rey showed up going solo and asked if he could sit next to me. He’s been having trouble with work, and it sounds like they are dicking him around for whatever reason. I was trying to split my attention between Rey and John—although I would have preferred to just sit and catch up with Rey, John kept bringing me back to his conversation. The funniest part was when I actually had to tell John that I was going to take a few minutes to talk to Rey, since he kept interrupting Rey to talk to me. John and I took off relatively early in the night, heading home for some sleep and sex. Yeah, yeah, wasn’t planning for that, but sorta figured it might happen.

Saturday was fun, playing some video games at Erin’s house, but she was having a friend over later, so I took off. I went to Babylon alone (Ken had a bad day and was not in the mood to go out), ogled the hot go-go boys, and drank quite a bit. I danced for most of the night, then made my way home. I woke up Sunday later with a mild hangover, and spent the day in bed. I watched some movies and otherwise did nothing productive whatsoever. I hate those days, and it made it hard to sleep Sunday night. Such a waste of a day off work. I don’t want to go to work. I hate my job right now. It is sucking the life out of me!


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