Pineapple Express @ Brewvies

I walked into Brewvies alone, showed my ID to the attendant, and found Erin and Brooke on the bar side of the building. The free movie "Pineapple Express" was in an hour, and seating had not yet begun. Luckily, one of the apparent Brewvies' regulars was also at the bar. Gorgeous sad eyes with a perfect triangular face framed by an immaculate haircut, his five o'clock shadow adding to his sense of mystery. Last time I saw him, he was sitting in the same place drinking the same brand of beer. I wonder what his story might be. His eyes suggest a sense of loneliness and sorrow, although he may enjoy this time to himself. Does he want to be chatted up? I have not figured that out yet.

In line for food, I also spotted another regular to the free showings. To be fair, there are a lot of very attractive guys who show up to these events. Or perhaps my desperation for male companionship lowers my standards. This guy reminds me of a friend, although he is more pale with darker features, like a Gothic version of Rey. The more I see him, the less he looks alike however. Erin's friend Mel was kind enough to tell me the name of Patrick, a courier I have seen riding his bike up and down Main Street for the past few months. More than likely straight, Patrick has calves of steel, plus an interesting look—and as far as I can tell, he always wears his courier cap. I have yet to see him without it.

As usual, it took the theater over 30 minutes to start the film, making the 10:45 showing time closer to 11:30. If I were alone, this time would be unbearable. But thanks to good friends and beer and some tasty pizza, it was a rather enjoyable night. The film was very funny, for what it's worth. Recommend checking it out, especially for those who like good stoner comedies. It is definitely rated R for some pretty strong violence, which only made it that much better for the Brewvies crowd. We all had a good time.


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