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Halloween 2008

Halloween is such a distressing time of year, mostly because I don't plan ahead very well. Halloween just shows up suddenly, even though I'm aware of what time it is. I usually want to dress up in costume, but cost usually keeps me from going all-out. This year, I spend about ten minutes on October 31 st actually getting ready. I went as a boy scout, taking my nephew's scouting uniform which surprisingly fit quite well. After my plans to go see "Rocky Horror" at the Tower Theater fell through, I decided to hit TryAngles or the new Club Jam. But my mind was made up for me when Rey sent me a text telling me that he was at TryAngles. I wanted to see his take on the Joker, complete with nurse outfit. And it was very funny, mostly due to the extremely short length of the nurse costume. He was showing quite a lot of leg, but at least he has nice gams to pull it off. There were costumes everywhere, from a couple other Jokers to many drag queens (Divine!) to many superhe