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McCabe Report: Inspector General


The Office of the Inspector General released a report today detailing the reasons for the firing of former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. The primary reasons appear to be a "lack of candor" about information released to the Wall Street Journal about the Clinton Foundation investigation. From what I gather reading this report, it is little more than an explanation about why McCabe was fired rather than an indictment of McCabe or James Comey's reputations.

McCabe claims to have allowed his Special Counsel to confirm the existence of the Clinton Foundation investigation, which Comey had previously avoided. Common practice is to avoid confirming or denying the existence of any active investigation. From the report, it argues that McCabe was not forthright and essentially was dishonest (whether intentionally or not) when he was asked about the release of information to the WSJ.

This is a lot o…

Best Films of 2017

Netflix and Amazon have really made these lists difficult, since a lot of the best material is now being released straight to streaming services. I should probably keep a better list of this stuff as I watch it. But I'm pretty bad about that nowadays.

Call Me By Your NameMother!Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MissouriGet OutDunkirkWonder WomanWind RiverLady BirdA Ghost StoryBaby Driver
Movies I have not seen, want to, and may end up on this list: