General Conference Weekend

General Conference weekend! For Mormons, one of those special days when you don't have to go to your ward house! For us gays, a time to celebrate and make fun of the poor saps who spend their Sundays in ward houses. Except that my Sunday sucked. However, aside from that, this weekend was quite enjoyable, especially since I was dreading it on Friday. Went to Erin's to play some Rock Band with Mel and Brooke, which was fun. Mel is a rather kick-ass drummer. She has a good sense of rhythm, although they really need to figure out a way to keep the drum set from sliding away while playing. Since Erin had to get up early for work, we left rather early. I decided it wasn't late enough to head home, so I hit up TryAngles. I was expecting the same sort of isolation as last weekend, since I don't know that many people in the gay community. But to my surprise, a bunch of people I knew were there, including Floyd, a guy I haven't seen in … maybe five years. We fucked twice, and both times were very fun and exciting. But for whatever reason, we lost touch. He told me he had a boyfriend of four years (impressive!), but also told me that he had really liked me. Of fuckin' course, I could have been that boyfriend of four years – if I weren't so emotionally unstable, of course.

Saturday was spent with Erin again, just running errands and doing generic lazy things for a Saturday. After Brooke came over, I felt a bit awkward, so I finally took off to get ready for a fun night at Babylon. Ken was going to tag along, which was either going to be very awkward or very relaxed (since the last time we talked, he pretty much tore me a new one for suggesting he might be a whore—something I did not mean to imply at all!). It was mostly relaxed though, and I think we both got some things cleared up a bit. Still, I was hoping not to run into the "wonder boys" at the club, since I'm not even sure what's going on. Matt basically told me off, saying he didn't want to talk to me or see me again, and that my attitude and behavior were uncalled for and annoying. He removed me from his list of MySpace friends. I went to return David's book and pick up a couple things. I haven't been back since. I wonder when I'll stop counting the days that go by that I don't see them. I took David and Rey off my friends' list since it just seems that with Matt, so goes the others. It's a group thing – get along with all or none.

Oh, the boys were not at Babylon, although there was so much eye candy, it was like I suddenly had a severe case of visual ADHD. Everywhere I looked, there were hot guys. Maybe it was the "beer goggle" effect, but I didn't really drink that much alcohol. Ken got most of it, downing about four Long Islands. Towards the end of the night, he was having trouble even holding a cig between his lips. Still, it was a fun night, and the hot bartenders and go-go boys just made it all that much better. I had to direct Ken out of the club, trying to convince me he was okay to drive home. I did the responsible thing and drove him home. I told him I would pick him up on Sunday and drive him back to get his car. Honestly, it was nice not to be the one completely trashed for a change.

Sunday sucked, and I spent most of it watching movies and driving around wasting pricey gas. Now the weekend's over, and I can get back to my routine of sleeping through my alarm and stumbling into work a couple hours late each day. Oh yeah, I'm just waiting for that pink slip one of these days!


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