As the weekend approaches …

Finished my CIS 1020 Word assignment today, and had sort of a bitch of a time trying to get it uploaded to the website. The site must have been bogged down with all the other students attempting to turn in their assignments at the last moment too. I do like that it's paperless – he wanted it in Word 2007 format, and so we had to upload the actual file. It's nice not having to print it out and waste ink and paper. I see more and more classes turning to this as well.

It's Thursday, almost Friday. I'm not really looking forward to the weekend. Since my fallout with the Wonder Boys, I haven't really had much to do on the weekend. Then again, it's only been two weeks, so I really only have one weekend to judge this by. If I think about it, not much has changed, since I do now what I did with them then: sit around playing video games and generally wasting time. I think just being around other people was a nice diversion. Maybe I'll go visit my parents this weekend, or see if Erin wants to hang out and play some Rock Band. Or maybe I'll go check out this BodyWorlds exhibit to see what all the hub-bub is about.

But two things are certain: I'm still angry with the guys, and I still utterly miss them. Strange how I can be mad, yet still want to see them. I wonder when I'll stop thinking about them. Not a day has gone by that I don't wonder what they are up to. Hopefully they are having more fun than I am. I am planning on hitting Club Sound, or possibly TryAngles on Friday. Saturday night is still open for Babylon, and I'm hoping to get on the VIP guest list so I don't have to stand in line looking like an outcast loser (although, in fairness, the bouncer was kind enough to let me and my friend in without waiting—the line for the VIP list was long, and we were the only nerds in the non-VIP line).

And speaking of fun, the hot go-go boys dancing on the bars at Babylon? Holy God, they were incredibly hot! I don't know where they found them, but damn! I wouldn't mind seeing them again, maybe with a little less clothing this time.


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