Turning 30

30 years old. A major turning point, or at least I think so. Age is probably just a meaningless number, but whatever. I don't have plans to celebrate my birthday because planning for such an event requires time and effort. Plus, I'd rather not have to make my friends come up with excuses for why they won't be able to attend. Maybe I'll go to Brewvies if they are showing anything I want to see. When your birthday is in the middle of a work week, it makes it difficult to do anything. My family won't be celebrating until this weekend, so I could draw this out for at least three or four days.

My 30th birthday will forever be marked by the theft of my catalytic converter and O2 sensor from my Jeep. Apparently theft of these, particularly on high-profile vehicles such as mine, are a quick sell to parts facilities. I've always wondered what type of business accepts an auto part with no proof of ownership. I mean, this obviously isn't a one-time occurrence for these thieves, since they cut through my exhaust pipe with precision. You would think a business would pause and think, "Hey, these guys keep bringing in a lot of catalytic converters … something is unusual about this." Then again, maybe the business is in on the whole scam.

At the very least, I have already received a new bottle of Acqua di Gio, one of my favorite colognes. And I'm hopefully going to get this: Creative's Vado HD. I won't be terribly disappointed if I don't get it, but I would enjoy it a lot. I can only imagine the pointless videos I could come up with. And I'm sure most of them would be just that: pointless. I have no creativity, obviously, or this blog might be worth reading.


  1. I can't think of a better way to say Happy Birthday then buying yourself a shinny new o2 senser and a catalytic converter. I mean I wish I had thought of that. Damn I will have to wait till my next birthday now!

  2. Wee turning 30 and having Jeep parts stolen! Par-tay!!!


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