Zombie Strippers!

As of yesterday, January 7th, 2009, I no longer work for JCPenney. Though mostly of my own choosing thanks to general laziness, depression and job dissatisfaction, I will definitely miss my fellow employees. They made the job bearable when the work itself sucked the soul piece-by-piece from my body. And speaking of soulless bodies …

I finally watched "Zombie Strippers", and it was totally awesome. One of those odd horror comedies which come out of nowhere for no particular reason, like "Black Sheep" or "Dead Alive!". Jenna Jameson, one of the most famous porn stars around, is surprisingly not terrible, and pulls out all the punches by going over-the-top zany zombie. Imagine the sight of Jameson's rotting flesh as she spins around on a stripper pole, and you sort of get the idea what this movie is trying to go for. Her first strip as a zombie is classic. If you are into horror comedies, check this one out.


  1. Good riddens to that place. You were very blatantly not happy working there, so now you can move on to better things.

    In regards to Zombie Strippers, it's one of my favorites. And Jenna Jameson is so.effing.hot. Have you seen Otis?

  2. Whoa, didn't even see you responded! Duh. I'm dumb. But yeah, I have seen Otis. Watched it recently actually. Very peculiar movie. Have you seen Fido?


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