Windows 7 Beta

I am still jobless, still looking for something. In the meantime, I've been focusing on school, and geeking out with Windows 7.

So as the computer geek that I am, I downloaded and installed Windows 7 Beta onto my desktop and laptop. I created separate partitions for both, as I didn't want to lose my installations (however, I did attempt an unwise "upgrade" to my laptop's installation of Vista, which corrupted both 7 and Vista). After getting my laptop fixed, I have been using Windows 7 as my OS of choice. Windows Vista has gotten a mostly bad rap, but it is a step backwards from XP. Windows 7 is what Vista should have been. While there is no software readily available for Windows 7 usage, I haven't had any problems yet. Installing the software for Vista has worked just fine with Windows 7 (probably because the base code is the same).

Anyway, if you want to truly get your geek on, I would recommend checking this out. You have until February 10th to download and install the beta test. After that, you are out of luck until Windows 7 is actually released (probably next year).

But please, heed this warning: DO NOT install over an OS you use daily. You will want this, especially when the beta test ends and all these Windows 7 installations fail to run. I recommend creating a separate partition and installing Windows 7 onto that. You will need to do some custom installations to make sure the appropriate partition is used, but if you are a geek, you will figure this out.


  1. I'm not doing it, Boyd! There's no such thing as "geeking out" with anything Windows-related! I'm sticking to Ubuntu! Thanks for the suggestion, though, and good luck with your job hunt. ;]

  2. I'm learning Linux (and Unix), although so far most of it has been relegated to simple things like "ls" and "ps" and "pico".

  3. Does windows 7 look similar to vista, I should have looked at it while you had it at my house :)

  4. It has the Aero interface, although it runs much better in 7 than it did in Vista. So it looks a bit similar. But it's sleeker. I would say it looks more Mac OS-like. If that's a good thing or not, I dunno.

  5. Sounds interesting, I’ve been reading good things about it so I am slightly excited for it to be released. Even though I am not impressed with vista my inner geek still finds it fascinating


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