Favorite Films of 2010

Each year, out of a nasty habit I developed while writing bad movie reviews back in the late 90s, I try to compile a list of my favorite films of the previous year. I like ranking them, even though the ranks can usually shift on a whim depending on my mood at the time. And unlike professional film critics, I don't get to see nearly all the movies released, which makes my list typically pretty mainstream. As I see more movies from 2010, this list will probably shift around as well (although I doubt I will come back here to make those changes).

In reverse order...

10. Buried

9. Easy A

8. Kick-Ass

7. The King's Speech

6. 127 Hours

5. Inception

4. How To Train Your Dragon

3. Restrepo

2. The Social Network

1. Black Swan

Movies I have not seen, want to, and may end up on this list:

The Ghost Writer
A Prophet
Green Zone
Exit Through The Gift Shop
Winter's Bone
I Am Love
The Tillman Story
Fair Game
Four Lions
The King's Speech
I Love You Phillip Morris
The Fighter
Rabbit Hole
True Grit
Blue Valentine


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