“Know What I Mean?”

There is a person I know who has the rather obnoxious habit of saying variations of, "Know what I mean?" Sometimes it comes out, "See what I'm saying?" This is related to the unfortunate speaking style many of us Americans have adopted lately – and I fall victim to this frequently myself – where our punctuation becomes verbally expressed with various "ums" and "uhs", "you knows" and "likes". Hell, even our new President, when not reading from Teleprompters, starts sounding like a verbal machine gun.

As for my new job, I am still trying to get a feel for this place. It's far different from the corporate world of JCPenney, which was very much of the nameless/faceless megacorps where you can essentially disappear and work on your own without being noticed for the most part. This is good and bad, since it's good to hide the things you don't want noticed, but bad when you want recognition for the good things you do. My new job is in a small business with 12 employees and a couple other scragglers who come in now and then for network maintenance and database admin.

I feel a bit afloat in an ocean of unfamiliarity, which is generally not something I enjoy. Then again, to relax myself, I simply have to remind myself that no matter what happens, the worst that can occur is that I might get fired. Big deal. I've been fired from my last two jobs (one for insubordination, one for tardiness), and still managed to find employment. Eventually I may run out of potential employers, but that may be a long time away. And if my skills in programming improve, I may be able to work on my own on a contractual basis. Now that would be awesome!

Funny Simpsons Quote to end this post:

Principal Skinner: "My name is Principal Skinner, and you will address me as such."

Bart: "Sure thing, Such."


  1. I really think that the end of your JCPenney days was a really good push in a MUCH better direction. Unfamiliarity can be scary, but, it will become familiar and eventually, hopefully, you will be freelancing and diving into the unfamiliar all over again! Wee!


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