Failing a class? Seriously?!

Two semesters ago, I took GLBT Studies, one of the most miserable experiences I've ever had in school. While it was fun in class, the homework was beyond what should have been required, such that it seemed like the professor (*cough*) was attempting to prove the class offered some valuable educational merit. In reality, it is merely a compilation course, taking aspects from history, English, sociology, and psychology, then blending them into a cohesive whole. I did not do well, squeaking by with a D. Not even sure how I managed that, since I didn't even take the final.

With that in mind, how in the hell did I completely fail my Object Oriented Programming class? Aside from one day during the week my sister came to visit from Portland, I did not miss a class. I turned in all but one assignment (the very first one, which was mostly pointless). I became friends with Michelle, the girl who sat next to me in class. We helped each other out, figuring out proper code and how to get programs running in Java. She got an A in the class.

Something tells me this is an error on the part of my professor. I e-mailed him mid-term to find out why none of my assignments had been graded, and he replied saying that none had been graded yet. Now that the semester is over, apparently he didn't grade any of my assignments at all, landing me with my E grade (the collegiate 'Fail').

I immediately sent him an e-mail to find out why. I will post a follow-up when I get a response. If I don't hear anything by tomorrow, I'm going to go to the department heads to get this fixed. An E looks bad, but even worse, it affects my ability to register and get financial aid. It could even affect my last semester, making me reimburse the grants I used to pay for schooling. This is not good.


  1. Yeah, that professor owes you an explanation. It sounds entirely like his error, which isn't something you deserve to have your GPA suffer for. That's boo-shit!


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